Top 10 Things To Do In Downtown Savannah

Here we go! Coming in at #1 for things to in historic downtown Savannah is….

Squares in Savannah

  1. Walking the Squares. Savannah’s most unique feature is its squares. The 24 historic original squares were laid out in 1733 by General Oglethorpe. Johnson Square was the first square established and it’s the largest square of the 24 original squares. Start at Johnson square and walk South down Bull Street. Along the way you’ll discover 4 other squares before you end up at Forsyth Park!Forsyth Park Downtown Historic Savannah
  2. Forsyth Park. No trip to Savannah is complete without going to Forsyth Park. Located  between Drayton and Whitaker Streets, you’ll find the greatest fountain in the Southeast! This park is home to SCAD students enjoying the sun, tourist enjoying the monuments and angel oak trees. DressedFerry Ride Savannah
  3. Take a Ferry Ride to Hutchinson Island