Savannah Tour of Homes March 2019

Savannah Tour of Homes 2019

Tour of Homes Savannah 2019

Southern hospitality isn’t a myth in the Hostess City. Thanks to Savannah’s Historic Foundation one can enjoy visiting historic homes and museums.  The rich architecture is definitely something you will write home about.  Start your tour at the  Davenport House, which marked the beginning of Savannah’s historic preservation moment for the Savannah Historic Foundation.

The Green-Meldrim House was General Sherman’s headquarters during the Civil War. While staying at Charles Green’s home, General Sherman wrote his famous telegram- gifting Savannah to President Lincoln. During his stay here, he also issued Field Order No. 15, which offered every free slave to have 40 acres of land and a mule.

Of course, everyone loves a good scandal, especially southern women. Visit the Sorrel Weed Mansion to hear the latest gossip. Just don’t say we didn’t tell you it’s one of the most haunted places in Savannah.

The Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters is one of the Savannah’s homes designed by William Jay, a distinguished English architect.  Another home designed by him is the Scarbrough home, which is now Ships of the Sea. Let’s just say these homes were so exquisite that President James Monroe stayed at the Scarbrough’s home.

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